Posted September 3, 2013 by Kris-E in Movies & TV

If You Haven’t Done So Already, Three Reasons to Watch Orange is the New Black + Trailer!! [Video]

Netflix is trying to gain back its popularity and top spot as online movie and television streaming provider. Orange is the New Black is a new Netflix original series that follows Piper Chapman’s nutty 15 months in prison as well as tells the back story of the other inmates. Piper  landed behind bars after her involvement and love affair with an international lady smuggler. Orange is the New Black is a comedy based on a true story that will make you binge watch the entire series in one sit-in (at least for me!). Here are three reasons to watch Orange!


Its funny!


Between Piper’s obsessed “prison wife” (whose name is Crazy Eyes) disconnected mother who knows exactly what not to say, and being called Taylor Swift, the online series, will keep you rolling with laughs, even after some really intense scenes.


There’s Drama!


The first day Piper steps foot in prison, she insults the head cook and is denied food for a week! Love triangle arises between three inmates and Piper’s relationship with her fiancé is tested now that she is in jail. Not to mention the division between the Black, Whites, and Latina inmates. A negligent mother and daughter end up in the same facility as well as a Piper’s old girlfriend.


Humanizes Women’s Prison Experience!


Orange is the New Black, addresses issues plaguing women prisons across the nation. Inadequate resources such as shared group spaces, removal of the running track, and not enough staffing. Viewers are able to sympathize with the women in jail. We witness how female inmates are violated and taken advantage of by the male guards. Orange is the New Black gives insight to how the women in jail are denied medical attention and basic necessities. The series sparks conversations about federal prisons and the treatment that go on there.

See the trailer below and watch the series on Netflix!