Posted August 28, 2013 by Kris-E in Movies & TV

Arsenio Hall’s Prime-time Return+Throwback Interview with Tupac!! [Video]

After more than 20 years, Arsenio Hall makes his comeback to prime-time on PIX/CBS on September 9th (however, viewers should check their local listings). In the 1990’s, The Arsenio Hall Show ranked high among late night talk shows with guests such as Bill Clinton (who played his saxaphone), Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Magic Johnson.  The syndicated production was unique not only due to Arsenio’s signature fist pumping dog pound which went “woof, woof but because, it was the first late night “party” talk show.

Arsenio Interviews Tupac in ’93


In a recent interview with Today, Arsenio admitted that he will reappear on a modest note.

“I think it’s a bad look to come back with a sense of entitlement or any element of arrogance,” he said. “(It) is much more crowded than when I left, and I know that I’ve got to get in and try to work hard for mine. I’m not coming in complacent. I can’t do that. I can’t come in like a Laker. I’m coming in like a Clipper.

How well do you think Arsenio will do the second time around?