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Debate: Can Jets’ 3rd String QB Simms Take The Starting Job From Sanchez?!

Matt Simms Geno Smith

Matt Simms (l.) and Geno Smith (r.)

“I thought he (Matt Simms) played well,” coach Rex Ryan said Saturday. “He was up and down, but he had 6-of-10 [passing and] a 135.0 quarterback rating, so he did some good things. Coming here to play the Giants, I think obviously was big for him. The play of his dad was pretty darn good for a number of years also.”

Simms connected with Ryan Spadola for a 70-yard pass in overtime that set up the game-winning field goal.

“That play, just a scramble drill,” Simms said. “Run out of the pocket and make something happen. Luckily I put enough juice on the ball for [Spadola] to come back and catch it. He did a great job coming back and making a great play after the catch as well.” – nypost

Mark Sanchez injury

Mark ‘Buttfumble’ Sanchez

Jets cut RB Joe McKnight and 13 other players, Giants cut Draft prospect LB Aaron Curry and 14 other players


or debate’s sake… let’s check out NY Jets third string quarterback Matt Simms (son of former NY Giants great Phil Simms)! Can Simms become No. 1 and takeover the starting spot from Mark ‘Buttfumble’ Sanchez and Roc Nation Sports BK Geno Smith?! The Jets held onto a 24-21 win over the NY Giants on Saturday night! In the pre-season cross-city toss up Geno Smith threw three picks and one safety, Mark Sanchez played well but coach Rex (Ryan) surrendered him in garbage time consequently injuring his shoulder, and Matt Simms showed up completing 6-of-10 passes for 120 yards with one touchdown! Overall in the preseason, Simms completed 11-of-15 passes for 193 yards and the touchdown for a quarterback rating of 137.5. Remember though that Simms was un-drafted out of Tennessee and has to still beat out the other third stringer Greg McElroy; they will duel for that third spot in Thursday’s scrimmage against the Philadelphia Eagles!

Once again… This brings up a valid debate and could make for a great story!!! Can Simms somehow find a way and take the starting job from ‘Buttfumble’ Sanchez and BK Geno? Please leave your feedback below!