Posted August 22, 2013 by Marie-D in ThatsEnuff

Tamar Braxton ‘All The Way Home’ [Audio]



Tamar Braxton has released another hit single ‘All The Way Home’ from her sophomore album ‘Love & War’. And we have to say our girl Tamar wins again with this mid-tempo single.

In addition to pushing out a new baby boy, co-hosting our new favorite talk show and touring, Tamar is penning her first book with hubby/manager Vince Herbert.

“We just finished it. It will be out on Black Friday, and it’s also called Love And War. The reason why it’s called that is it’s a relationship book with Vince and I. It’s not a traditional love relationship book. I tell my story, Vince tells his story. Then we come together and tell our story. You get a lot from it.”

Check out her new single below: