Posted August 22, 2013 by Marie-D in ThatsEnuff

Jay-Z’s Foundation Awards Over $1 Million To Students To Study Abroad


Jay-Z is using his fortune for good by giving away over a $1 million in college scholarships for students since starting his foundation and has assisted students in studying abroad. Last year the rapper was berated for reportedly donating $6,431 of his $63 million earnings to his charity, The Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund.

‘The Scholarship Carter Foundation’ financed 188 scholarships in addition to the four study abroad scholarships through the Gilman scholars program, reports Diverse Education.

21-year-old Laquisha Springer of Connecticut College, a recipient of those study abroad scholarships, spent a year at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen. She is one of the few African American students in the U.S. who has had the opportunity to learn in a different country.

“I never felt so alive until I took risks, had engaging conversations with people [with whom] I seemingly had nothing in common, explored a new city, ate food I had no idea what it was, and took classes from professors who have had experience in their field. I stepped and was gently nudged outside of my comfort zone. I do not believe that there was a moment that I did not learn something new from studying abroad.”

Springer praised Jay-Z’s program in a chat with Diverse. “It makes me proud, you know, to know that someone who is relatively close to my age and someone I can relate to to who’s had struggle to get to where he is, that he’s investing in my future”, she said.

Since then, the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation has awarded $1.3 million in scholarships. Despite what critics may say, it seems like Jay-Z’s scholarship foundation is more beneficial than the media portrays.