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Bronx Circus: A-Rod Shows Up After Being Beaned, GM Ignites Feud With A-Rod!

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“Today kind of brought us together,” A-Rod said. “Joe’s reaction was amazing. Every single one of my teammates came up to me and said, ‘Hit a bomb and walk it off.’ They were as pissed as I was. That’s just not right.”

“Whether I agree with everything that’s going on, you don’t throw at people,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said about the circus surrounding A-Rod. Players around the league have been critical of A-Rod being able to play during the appeal of his 211-game suspension, most recently Red Sox pitcher John Lackey. “You can’t start changing the system because you don’t like it. You can’t take your pot shots.

“You’d have to have your head in the sand to not know what was coming. There is no explanation. It can’t happen. You can’t start throwing at people.” – nydailynews

Cashman A-Rod

“I feel like we’re in a litigious environment,” Cashman said at Fenway Park, before the Yankees defeated the Red Sox, 9-6. “I’m most comfortable talking about that: ‘Hello, goodbye,’ that’s it. Anything else, I don’t want it to be distorted.” – nypost

“I’m having such a hard time just focusing on playing every day,” A-Rod said. “What my lawyer says, he said. I’m going to stand behind it.” – nydailynews


ith the Yankees digging out of the dirt (7 1/2 games out of first place – fourth place in the AL East), A-Rod finally showed up after being intentionally hit by pitch at Fenway Park last night! A-Rod ended up taking one out of the park (video below) and going 3-for-4 to get the Player of the Game nod! The Yankees went on to win 9-6 against the Boston Red Sox! Manager Joe Girardi was actually tossed for arguing (the horrible call) that Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster intentionally hit A-Rod in the second inning (video above)! To add fuel to the fire, Yankee’s GM Brian Cashman ignited a feud with A-Rod before the game, basically saying he can only use rubber gloves when handling A-Rod! I mean A-Rod just filed a grievance against the Yankees for the way they handled him following a recent hip injury, and of course the A-Roid drama doesn’t help things much and just gets more and more interesting by the day?! In fact and additionally, A-Roid was also caught wiring money to the Miami Clinic – Biogenesis! You thought the NY Jets joined the circus?! #BronxCircus in full effect!

A-Rod strikes back on beaning pitcher with HR:

[youtube width=”625″ height=”425″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5RN4P-I0NQ[/youtube]