Posted August 16, 2013 by Global Vito in Music Video

New Artist Spot Light: Spank’s “Regular” [Video]


One of New York City’s leading up & coming
Hip-Hop artists Spank is poised to make more noise leading into 2014.

Spank and his Shark Gang
Movement have been making a name for themselves by drawing in crowds & performing at some of New York city’s premier underground spots. His most recent show was at the legendary hip-hop hot spot SOB’s and was hosted by The Source magazine. The 24 year old lyricist hails from the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn which has notably spawned its fair share of musical legends in years past. One legend in particular superstar music artist/mogul Shawn” Jay-z”
Carter is believed to have strong ties to Spank which explains his infectiously cool musical demeanor.

“REGULAR” – Spank from SHARK GANG MUSIC on Vimeo.

Spank admits that he has some pretty tough acts to follow but he also feels that he is not your average “rapper”. Spank’s upbringing is common amongst his hometown brethren but his sound surely isn’t. Spank channels the melodic essence of the 90’s group Snoop Dogg and the Dogg pound blended with some of Luke’s Two live crew however it embodies a 2013 feel to it.

This is Spank’s first single/visual titled “Regular” off of his debut mix-tape titled C.N.S { cool nigga shit } which is slated for an August 20th release.