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A-Roid Drama Gets Messy, Other MLB Players Implicated?!

A-Roid Cervelli Braun pic

Francisco Cervelli (top right) and Ryan Braun (bottom right)

“60 Minutes” reported that, in February, members of A-Rod’s inner circle obtained handwritten documents from Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch and then leaked them to Yahoo! Sports, which was the first to report the names of Cervelli as well as Brewers star Ryan Braun. Bosch has since become MLB’s star witness in its investigation.

David Cornwell, A-Rod’s attorney, said in a statement to “60 Minutes,”: “The allegations are untrue and are another attempt to harm Alex — this time by driving a wedge between Alex and other players in the game. While Alex focuses on baseball and repeatedly states that he is going to respect the appeal process, the drumbeat of false allegations continues.” – nypost

Rule 6(A)(2) of the Joint Drug Agreement reads, “Any and all information relating to a Player’s involvement in the Program, including, but not limited to, the fact or the results of any Prohibited Substance testing to which the Player may be subject, and any discipline imposed upon the Player by the Commissioner’s Office shall remain strictly confidential.” – nypost

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he A-Roid drama took another turn for the worse… according to a report someone in Alex Rodriguez K A-Rod ‘inner circle’ revealed that current teammate Francisco Cervelli and former MVP Brewers’ Ryan Braun were also involved with the HGH alternative methods – Biogenesis Clinic in Miami! When Braun got served a 50-game suspension right after he won MVP in early 2012; I wasn’t convinced with his filthy speech, which turned in an instant appeal?! Braun is finally serving a 65-game suspension, Cervelli a 50-game suspension, and A-Roid is on deck for a 211-game suspension! In Braun’s case what goes around comes around (hard knocks buddy), but Cervelli involvement has turned over a new leaf, which I am sure he is none too pleased! Check out details of the breaking scenario above and Braun filthy speech (from over a year ago) below on video!!!

What do you think about the scenario? Do you think A-Roid turned in other players to cover his own back or do you think an anonymous source delivered the dirt? Do you think A-Roid will or will not be served the suspension, and if so how long?

[youtube width=”625″ height=”425″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4yKCVrfzaU[/youtube]