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Pharrell and Daft Punk Cover Vibe’s 20th Anniversary Issue [Photo]

Pharell Vibe 20th Anniversary Cover

VIBE celebrates its 20th anniversary with the release of three separate covers featuring Robin Thicke and Janelle Monae, Nas and J. Cole and Pharrell Wiliams and Daft Punk.

It’s third and final issue was released today featuring Pharrell Wiliams and Daft Punk, the masterminds of some of the hottest dance music in the clubs right now. Check out some highlights from the  interview and the BTS video below.

VIBE: What drew you guys to work with Pharrell on Random Access Memories?
THOMAS BANGALTER: We’ve always been big fans of his work and output as a producer, rapper and musician. But what we really appreciate more than anything is a multitalented artist that has a strong aura and is super talented, charismatic and very glamorous. His natural glamour—he is as elegant in jeans [as he is] in a tuxedo.

VIBE: Do you remember your first time hearing Daft Punk?
WILLIAMS: I’ll never forget. I was talking to this girl, and all of a sudden I heard a song and was like, “What the fuck is that?” Because it just seemed like something regal, something very royal and different, from a higher caliber. When that guy sang “One More Time,” I was like, “What the?!” And then it was everywhere. Like, I heard it in cars in the hood. From that point I was in love with the sound and the groove. Isn’t that the most amazing feeling when we hear something and ask, “What is it?”

GUY-MANUEL DE HOMEM-CHRISTO: That never happens to us.

It’s cool as a musician to be challenged by new music. It’s always something you look for, because all of us are music lovers. We have this repertoire where each time there is a song that makes a difference, people know it.

VIBE: You’ve been very busy lately, too, Pharrell, working with Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Robin Thicke. But what was it like in the studio collaborating with Miley Cyrus on her album?

WILLIAMS: Her album is dope. She’s super duper talented, but I want to spend this time talking about the Robots. It’s a rare opportunity, because they don’t talk to people.

BANGALTER: [Pharrell’s] getting a lot of exposure right now, but he would totally be [relevant] 30, 40 years ago as well. He has that timeless quality of what a great entertainer is…


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