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Impersonation 101: Former Yankee ‘Spills The Beans’ On Live Radio! [Audio]

Shane Spencer Yankees

“In response to an interview that ESPN Radio 104.5 FM host Mike Lindsley claims to have done with me on [Monday] afternoon, I would like to set the record straight that I did not participate in any such interview,” said Spencer, now the hitting coach and third-base coach with the independent Atlantic League team based in New Jersey. “Someone called into the station claiming to be me and spoke on my behalf regarding some very sensitive topics surrounding baseball. This caller spoke as me about topics ranging from steroids, to my time with the New York Yankees, Roger Clemens, and my feelings about the great Mariano Rivera.

“I am outraged that someone would do this and at the same time disappointed that the station believed it to be me despite not coming from the contact information they had for me.”

“It is very disappointing that someone was able to go on the air as me and speak for me about these topics,” he said. “I would like to set the record straight that the interview was not done with me and all the opinions were not mine.”

In the interview, speaking as Spencer, the caller said, “I have used steroids in the past. … Did I ever see anyone using them? Absolutely.

“Here’s the one thing I would say, is that most people did not use steroids in a public forum. … It wasn’t like you would walk into the Yankees’ locker room or any other team I played for and people were just using steroids or people would be openly talking about it.” – nypost

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Former Yankee Shane Spencer got on ESPN Radio 104.5 with host Mike Lindsley out of Albany, NY on Monday afternoon and ‘spilled the beans’ on the Yankees and past steroid allegations including himself! Come to find out that Spencer wasn’t even near the building when he supposedly went off on the lips! Spencer was field throwing batting practice to Somerset Patriots on Monday at 2pm, the same time he was reportedly running his mouth to the media! Spencer was on the Yankees (1998-2002) during their transition from great to legendary! Check out the impersonation exclusive on audio below and Spencer (real) statement above!

What kind of trouble do you think the shock jock and impersonator should get into for their calculated miscue and defamatory comments?! Leave a comment below!