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Tearful Speech: Ken Griffey Jr. Inducted Into Mariners HOF! [Video]

For any sports fan of a certain age – somewhere between 20 and 35 – Griffey was not just a part of their childhood, he was an iconic part of it. He was the perfect combination of talent, grace and movie-star coolness. It’s a combination baseball hasn’t seen since, because for all the good players and accomplishments since Griffey retired, the game has yet to have another like him – sbnation
Ken Griffey Jr. actually played with Yankees Alex Rodriguez at one point.

Ken Griffey Jr. actually played with Yankees Alex Rodriguez at one point.

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en Griffey Jr. AKA Junior X The Kid gave a tearful speech something to be remembered, as the Seattle Mariners inducted him into their HOF with a ceremony at Safeco Field on Saturday night! He became only the seventh player in Mariners history to be honored: joining late broadcaster Dave Niehaus and former teammates Alvin Davis, Edgar Martinez, Jay Buhner, Randy Johnson and Dan Wilson. Besides hitting 630 homeruns in his career, Griffey was an icon, a natural to the game, whose smooth sweet powerful stroke was something adorned! He was even better in the outfield making amazing long distance grabs! His presence would put a smile on your face, and his absence was slightly saddening! The Kid will never be forgotten! He played 13 of his 22 years and hit 417 of his 630 homeruns with the Mariners! Check out his tearful speech above and Yankees’ Ichiro Suzuki farewell to the legend on video below! Also, check out Griffey ultimate career highlights on video way below!

Career Highlights Take:

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