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Inspired FASHION: Stylist Chrystin B Shares Her Big Break Into Fashion [Interview]

For my second Fashion Feature I had the pleasure to sit down with a local stylist and up incoming fashion editor Chrystin Bunion. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Chrystin has left her fashion statement in numerous cities and countries worldwide, and with resume including W Magazine, American Vogue, ELLE Magazine, Jimmy Choo, and MichealMarie Clothing, this fashionista is on her way to the top!

So how does one break their way into the fashion industry?? Check out Chrystins story below, as she shares stories of success, her number one motivator and she also breaks down some Fashion Do’s and Don’t’s for the Summer!!


Chelle B: So,  Chrystin what’s your story?

Fashion has been something that was instilled in me as a child growing up. My mother has always been an huge admirer of high fashion, clothing and most importantly shoes, so I naturally became one too. I literally would run home everyday after school to try on her new heels and walk around the house in them like she did. Till this day she always tells me I was able to walk in her 3″ inch heels at 5 years old and that was the birth of my current shoe addiction. Fashion has been one of the many things my mother and I have bonded over all my life. When people ask where I get my sense of style from its always easy for me to say “I guess you never saw my mother?

Chelle B: Tell me about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your life?

Working in high fashion editorial is not only a career that’s in high demand but it’s also very difficult to obtain. Completing my first editorial internship with ELLE magazine is a huge accomplishment of mines. It allowed me to get my foot in the door of this industry and gave me the opportunity to network and meet influential people. Although I am still accomplishing my biggest goal of becoming a renowned name within the fashion industry, I still owe all of my current accomplishments and fashion endeavors to this experience. It was there that I realized exactly what I want to pursue within fashion and who I want to be recognized as.

IMG_7963MichaelMarie Clothing. Styled by Chrystin

IMG_7980MM Summer 2013 Collection. Styled by Chrystin.

Chelle B: The Fashion Industry is a tough market to break into, who or what motivates you to keep grinding?

My religion and mother are the two parts of my life that motivates me to do my best everyday that am I able to wake up. My mother has instilled the value of faith, determination, perseverance and hard work in my life since my childhood. She is the one person who encourages me to follow my dreams and to never take no for an answer. Like a true guardian angel I’m always able to count on her to have my back and to help me dust my knees off whenever I may fall. A true blessing she is to me. With faith in my religion I am able to take risk in pursuing my dream because I know for certain that I’m never put in a situation that I can not handle. Pursuing my dream in he fashion industry in a difference city from which I was raised can be very difficult and easy to give up on. With these two motivating forces in my life I will never give up on something I’ve dreamed of. No matter how big or how outrageous it may sound.

Chelle B: So whats your ultimate dream?  What’s your main career goal?

My main career goal is to become a contributing sitting editor at the top high fashion magazines; such as W Magazine, American Vogue, British Vogue and ELLE. Besides British Vogue these are all publications from which I’ve already/currently work at and am inspired by the fashion direction each magazine is currently under. While doing this I also want to do style consulting with fashion designers on pieces for their upcoming ready-to-wear and couture collections. Here I will be able to contribute my styling ideas in collaboration with the designers designs in efforts to produce a flawless collection. Lastly, I want to begin my very own shoe line. Since a child I’ve always had a huge obsession with shoes. I think this obsession was passed down from my mother to me seeing as though she owns over 500 pair of shoes, literally. This will be my way of creating shoes that women and men will go crazy over and creating a tribute to my mother.

IMG_7982“Fashion is Art. Fashion is able to speak volumes without using a single word. Fashion is expression. Fashion is individuality. Fashion is creativity. Fashion in my everyday!”


Chelle B: If your life was a song, what would it be?

Through life we go through so many experiences and changes within ourselves that it’s a bit difficult to narrow my life experiences down to just one song. I think Drake’s and Beyonce’s music relates to my life, many situations that I’ve been through and am still going through. Their music is the perfect example of how someone can still chase there dream and make it come true if they believe in themselves and never give up.

Chelle B: You said earlier that you’re obsessed with shoes, what’s your favorite pair?
I think this maybe the hardest question I’ve ever been asked. My obsession with shoes is so real! I literally see a pair of shoes that I like and fall in love with them. If I had to choose I would say that my pair of mint green suede Guiseppe Zanotti’s are my favorite pair of shoes to date. They were gifted to me by my aunt for being the first of my family to graduate from college. As you can see they hold sentimental value for me as well as just being a pair of beautiful summer sandals.


IMG_7992Chrystin in her favorite pair of shoes!

Chelle B: What is Chrystin wearing this season?
This season my wardrobe has taken a huge liking to matching prints and crop tops. I’m obsessed with the matching print top and bottom outfits. I think I literally own five matchy-matchy outfits. Coins identically they all consist of some form of a crop top, lol! Summer time is the perfect time to show a little skin while not looking to revealing. I think my obsession with crop tops are my way of being risky/sexy but in a tasteful manner.

Chelle B: And for the readers that need a little guidance this summer, What are some fashion Do’s and Dont’s?

For the Ladies

Crop tops
Westward leaning sunglasses (mirrored lenses)
Mesh tanks ( if done tastefully)
All white outfits

Skanky denim cut offs
Chunky platform sandals
High low skirts
Arm parties

For the Fellas

Print on Print
Men’s Espadrilles (Toms)
Fitted jeans (worn without belt or cuffed at the ankles)
Henley T-shirts
Ray Band shades
Short Shorts (unless you play for the same team and live in Chelsea)
Cargo shorts
summer scarfs (especially coupled with a fedora-This is not LA Thank God!)
Ribbon belts
Socks with any summer shoe (loafers, low tops sneakers)



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