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Juror Says Zimmerman’s “Heart Was in the Right Place” on Anderson Cooper 360 (Full Interview) [Video]

After the verdict of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, the nation has been in an uproar. Dozens of rallies and protests have taken place and are continuing to roll out in the wake of Zimmerman’s announced innocence.  Juror Last night on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Juror B-37, a juror in the all-white jury who acquitted Zimmerman, believes that he failed to use “good judgement” on the night of the murder of Trayvon Martin. Juror B-37 also felt that Zimmerman “had the right to defend himself.  During the interview, she stated  “I think George got in a little bit too deep, which he shouldn’t have been there. But Trayvon decided that he wasn’t going to let him scare him … and I think Trayvon got mad and attacked him.”

Juror B-37 also suggested that none of the Jurors believed that race did not play a role in the case and “We never had that discussion.” She also admits that George Zimmerman might have exaggerated but she believes that Zimmerman was still telling the truth. Juror B-37 displays high levels of micro-aggression by saying comments like “these people,” and “that’s how they talk where they’re from.”

Why would an all-white jury ever discuss race at all? What are your views on B-37’s case reflection?

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