Posted July 16, 2013 by JamesTown in Music

Dizzy Wright ‘Hollywood’ [Video]

New tour, New Bars. Take a listen to Dizzy Wright Hollywood freestyle. Dizzy will be touring the nation starting in September to coincide with his “The Golden Age” mixtape.

Here are the dates to his 44 city headlining “The Golden Age” tour:
09.07 San Diego, CA w/ Hopsin

09.08 Los Angeles, CA @ Rock The Bells

09.10 Santa Ana, CA w/ Futuristic

09.12 Santa Cruz, CA w/ Futuristic

09.14 Sacramento, CA w/ Futuristic

09.15 San Francisco, CA @ Rock The Bells

09.17 Portland, OR w/ Futuristic

09.18 Seattle, WA w/ Futuristic

09.19 Spokane, WA w/ Futuristic

09.20 Caldwell, ID w/ Futuristic

09.22 Salt Lake City, UT w/ Futuristic

09.23 Colorado Springs, CO w/ Futuristic

09.24 Fort Collins, CO w/ Futuristic

09.25 Denver, CO w/ Futuristic

09.26 Lincoln, NE w/ Futuristic

09.27 Minneapolis, MN w/ Futuristic

09.29 Washington, DC @ Rock The Bells

09.30 Madison, WI w/ Marcus Moody

10.01 Iowa City, IA w/ Marcus Moody

10.02 Chicago, IL w/ Marcus Moody

10.03 Detroit, MI w/ Marcus Moody

10.04 Cleveland, OH w/ Marcus Moody

10.05 East Rutherford, NJ @ Rock The Bells

10.08 Boston, MA w/ Marcus Moody

10.09 Providence, RI w/ Marcus Moody

10.10 West Chester, PA w/ Marcus Moody

10.11 Baltimore, MD w/ Marcus Moody

10.13 Springfield, VA w/ Marcus Moody

10.14 Richmond, VA w/ Marcus Moody

10.15 Greensboro, NC w/ Marcus Moody

10.16 Wilmington, NC w/ Marcus Moody

10.18 Jacksonville, FL w/ Marcus Moody

10.19 Orlando, FL

10.20 Tampa, FL

10.22 New Orleans, LA

10.23 Houston, TX

10.24 Dallas, TX

10.25 San Antonio, TX

10.26 Austin, TX

10.28 El Paso, TX

10.29 Albuquerque, NM

10.30 Tucson, AZ w/ Futuristic

10.21 Tempe, AZ w/ Futuristic

11.01 Las Vegas, NV w/ Marcus Moody