Posted July 15, 2013 by Unique in ThatsEnuff

High School Freshmen Rescues Abducted 5-Year Old [Video]

Only a freshmen in High School and already hailed a hero in his community. 15-year old Temar Boggs helped track down and rescue a kidnapped little girl, that had gone missing while playing in her yard. According to Lancaster Online Temar and a friend had been helping a elder women move a couch when first asked had they by any chance seen the 5 year old. After seeing police and helicopters flood the block in search of the missing girl Temar and six of his friends decided to join in the search.

“We got all of our friends to go look for her. We made our own little search party,” Boggs, said Saturday, though he didn’t know the girl or her family.

A friend asked Boggs to hold his bike. Boggs figured the bike would help him search for the girl. So he and another friend, Chris Garcia, rode on area streets — Michelle Drive, St. Phillips Drive, Gable Park Road — looking for her.

That’s when a maroon car caught his eye. The car was on Gable Park and turned around when it got near the top of a hill toward Millersville Pike, where Boggs said several police officers were gathered with the kind of cart used to carry an injured football player off the field.

The driver, an older white man, then began quickly turning onto and out of side streets connecting to Gable Park, Boggs said. The neighborhood is something of a maze; many of its streets are cul-de-sacs. Boggs got close enough to the car to see a little girl inside. Garcia was nearby.

The driver looked at Boggs and Garcia, then stopped the car at Gable Park and Betz Farm Road and pushed the girl out of the car. The driver then drove off, Boggs said. He didn’t see where the car went. “She runs to my arms and said, ‘I need to see my mommy,’ ” Boggs said.

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