Posted July 11, 2013 by Marie-D in ThatsEnuff

Stevie J. Says He’s Prepping Joseline To Compete With Beyoncé & Rihanna [Video]

Stevie J


Love and Hip Hop ATL’s Stevie J is playing no games! Whether you love him or not, he is ready to take his co-star Joseline Hernandez to the top. The reality star is making his brand known throughout the industry.

In a recent interview with Vlad TV, he expressed his feelings for Joseline, being her manager and how he’s priming her for pop stardom.

On changing Joseline’s look:

“I saw her on the green screen, poking out – thugged out. Softened it up, sexy it up. Can’t look like that competing with the Beys and the Rihs of the world.
Gotta get right. Guidance.”

On being her manager:

“I’m doing this because I have an eye for talent and I know what I believ inand I know what the people want to see and it’s paying off.”On his relationship with the Josline:

On his relationship with Joseline:

“At this moment we’re standing at the bank. We be closin deals. With Joseline I can say this, I’ve seen alot of women in my day as far as business goes – she is going to work seven days a week, so I respect that. As a businessman I respect that, I value that.”
Check out the interview below: