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NY Post Votes: Pick Mets All-Time All-Star Team! [Photo]

Darryl Strawberry looks on

NY Post Vote for All-Time Mets All-Star team

As we inch closer and inch closer to the MLB All-Star Game at Citi-Field (July 16), let’s take a look and vote for the Mets all-time All-Star team! Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, Gary Carter, Keith Hernandez, Tom Seaver, and even Nolan Ryan were some of the faces associated with the ‘Amazin Mets over the years! The Mets won championships in 1969 and 1986 to trademark themselves ‘Amazin with against-all-odds heroics, especially in ’86 winning on a Bill Buckner error! Maybe newer players like David Wright and Mike Piazza could make the cut?

Photo collage courtesy @SportsBata ..nuff said