Posted July 8, 2013 by Unique in Media

Mos Def Undergoes Force-Feeding To Protest Guantanamo Bay [Video]

Warning: some viewers may find these images distressing. Rapper/Actor/liberal activist Yasiin Bey, better known as Mos Def, takes a stand against the measures used upon POW at Guantanamo Bay. Yasiin released a video in conjunction with a human rights organization this morning via The Guardian of himself undergoing a standard process for force-feeding Guantanamo detainees. According to the Washington Post:

More than half of the 166 prisoners at the U.S. Navy base in Guantanamo are participating in a hunger strike that has been going on for months, military officials have said. Lawyers for the prisoners have asked the federal courts to stop the force-feeding, saying it’s akin to torture and prevents them from observing the religious fasting of Ramadan, which begins tonight. Justice Department lawyers responded last week that the process is a humane way to keep detainees from starving to death.

Check out the video below

[Via The Guardian]