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Hello Brooklyn: Nets First-Round Pick Mason Plumlee Suits Up!

Mason Plumlee Nets

“It’s very exciting,” said Plumlee, a 7-footer from Ft. Wayne, Ind., at his  first NBA practice. “I didn’t plan on (the contract) taking very long. My agent  and the GM worked through it very quickly so it’s nice to have that done.” – nydailynews

“I think we’ll find out a little more each practice,” Plumlee said, adding that a good portion of practice time was spent going through various terminologies they would need to use. “I thought Tyshawn played very well today. But, yeah, we’ll see. We did a little bit of live stuff, but most of it was just walkthroughs.” – nypost

“I thought Mason looked great. He’s a rookie so we’re going to be tough on him  and ask a lot, but I think he understands that,” Nets new coach Jason Kidd said. “The biggest thing  is his energy. He has a lot to learn about the game, but I thought he had a good  morning.” – nydailynews

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he Brooklyn Nets made waves finally ridding themselves of the Kris “Who” Humphries, the product out of Minnesota, and collecting aging stars Paul Pierce and KG (plus Jason Terry) from the Boston Celtics! Missed amongst all the excitement was the Nets first-round (No. 22) pick: 7-foot center Mason Plumlee out of Duke University, who put up numbers (17.1 ppg, 9.9 rpg, and 1.4 blocks per game) as a senior last year! Plumlee finally signed his contract (a two-year deal) with the Nets on Wednesday before the morning practice, and is excited but also realizes he has a long way to go before being acclimated in the NBA! Check out conversation above!