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Rico Love Addresses Signing Tiara Thomas From Wale [Video]

rico - tiara

Rico Love and Tiara Thomas are finally speaking out about the singer cutting ties with rapper Wale. Tiara was signed to the rapper’s BOA label and also appeared on his hit song ‘Bad’. However, Wale revealed that she had left and signed a deal with producer/songwriter Rico Love.

Check out Wale’s interview with HOT 97:

“Their situation met through me, I was recording with the situation she’s in now and they met. It’s just the game though. My thing is I don’t believe in paperwork too soon cause I like to show and prove what I can do. And like, I ain’t want to scare nobody. Like yo ‘let’s make the music, let’s vibe.’ You live and learn so that’s why I’ll kick myself before I complain about somebody else. It’s the music business like a lot of people ain’t ya friend-friend forreal like thatsometime. She got her situation and she’s happy. She did what she had to do. She did what she thought was in her best interest. And I guess that’s whatall people do. So shout out to her and her situation.”


During Debra Lee’s BET Pre-Awards dinner in Los Angeles, Tiara Rico addressed her business relationship with the Washington D.C. native.

“Last week I talked to him. We don’t have any beef. We’re cool. We’re good. I know I have a good team that’s surrounding me. I know Rico, he’s awesome, he’s super talented. I don’t pay attention to any of that.”

Rico also spoke on the situation:

“The truth is that Wale’s people brought her to me. One of his best friends brought her to me and told me he would love for me to sign her. So it was a lot of things going around that weren’t really all the way true but you know, it was a blessing. So when they brought her to me almost a year ago before the whole record came out, I was already excited and I gave her an offer like this time last year. So it’s a great thing.”

Watch the video below: