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New Artist Spolight: Nanza ‘Feeling Myself’ [Audio]

Jamestown: Give us some background, Who is Nanza? Why did you decide to pick up the mic. How are you different from every other rapper out here trying to make a name for himself?

Nanza: I am a physical idea of having no limitations and a symbol of drive. I am a hustler and a grinder, I believe that you must have a focused grind in order to achieve what you want out of life. I am an individual that’s good at expressing my self and making my image clear, there for I have sought out to do so beginning with my brand NO SLEEP. Not to be taken with extreme literacy though it is the title of my life and movie, but is a familiar lifestyle that is enforced greatly within my world. Making music in Louisville can be hard at times, yet these Louisville streets have taught me a lot, given me things to say and have made me a force to be reckoned with. I honestly can’t think of a better place than Louisville. There is no place like home. Going beyond music, I have also portrayed the NO SLEEP brand in fashion, releasing what is called “25/8” my clothing line. Its about the hustle, and anyone trying to get anywhere in the planet should know that.The first time I picked up a mic, I was instantly doubted. Not so much by the crowd, but my competition. I began to think nobody wanted to hear me. After thinking negatively I began to flip my thoughts, saying to myself everyone wanted to hear me. Then applied those thoughts to reality , knowing that someone, even if its one person, someone wanted to hear me. Thus I began to speak & that was my first show. I think i’m different from other artist in a sense that i am not an artist but I’m a living story line.

“Dreams/No Sleep” Music Video:

Jamestown: You heavy into fashion and music, so describe your style as a lyricist and business man…Who are some of your influences, what artist help mold you? What kind of imprint do you want to leave in Hip Hop?

Nanza: I let beats communicate with me for the most part. I let a melody choose my path, I just choose what to put on for the trip. My style as a business man is simple, business first. As of my influences in rap, a lot comes from the hype that the movement Dip-set created, as well as seeing how far artist such as Jay-Z and Jeezy have made their way. Its an excellent motivator to know how far you can go. As far as my imprint that I want to make on the game, it has a lot to do with my influences. I just want to be another example of what you can accomplish when you strive for something. I want people to apply my motivation to their own motivation and dreams, in the effort that I am more of a reason for them to push harder.

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25/8 Clothing Line
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Jamestown: What is your marketing strategy to reach outside of Kentucky? What are some of the obstacles you face as an unsigned artist coming from the south? What is an ideal situation for you musically, staying independent or signing to a major?

Nanza: Being an artist is all about staying true to you, for no one has an image like your own. So for me I would say one of the hardest obstacles I’ve had to face is shining alone, in other words impersonation. People like great things, such as material or even ideas, so when they see them, they want them. On the lines of reaching people outside of Kentucky, show dates or a tour should be in order, but that’s another scene in the movie. You just have to keep watching. Being independent is great, full creative control & all the freedom you need with your art. I’ve never been signed with a major label, haven’t put that outfit on yet.

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Jamestown: Where do you see the direction of rap going? Name some current trends that you like and dislike in Hip Hop culture for both music and fashion

Nanza: I appreciate the direction hip-hop is headed in, I think over time its stayed steady with the times and is still focused on its goal, sending emotion and changing feelings. I also feel as far as fashion, hip-hop has come a long way. One trend that stands out to me more then most is the low pitch trend. I started doing that when I first began and now its everywhere. Another trend that I’m fond of is more then one artist on a chorus. Can’t really say I dislike anything about trends right now, pleased.

Jamestown: Final thoughts, let’s talk about your single and let us know about any upcoming projects…what are you goals for the rest of the year?

Nanza: Right now, “FEELING MYSELF” my single is the center focus. On top of that I’ve started doing shows alot, making a plan to buzz up. As far as future projects, EP’s will be released including RULE and PROCESS. Besides those a flood is being planned, keep watching the movie.