Posted June 18, 2013 by Kris-E in Movies & TV

Rapper’s Delight’s Members Want Their Name Back!! [Video]

Wonder Mike and Master Gee introduced Hip-Hop to the world in 1979 with Rapper’s Delight as part of the most legendary Sugar Hill Gang. The Sugar Hill Gang recorded the first rap album to ever go platinum and is highest selling hip-hop single of all time.  However, over the past thirty years, the original Hip-Hop and ya don’t stoppers, Wonder Mike and Master Gee, have had their names stripped from them. Mr. Mike and Mr. Gee are fighting to reclaim their rightful place in music history in the documentary, I Want My Name Back! 

Directed by Roger Paradiso, I Want My Name Back!, takes viewers on a journey and is more than your average music documentary. The film gives a crash course in Hip-Hop and the impact of Rapper’s Delight.  I Want My Name Back! details the personal adversities that the former the Sugar Hill Gang members encountered, even at the peak of their success, including betrayal and being robbed of millions. We discover that their former money hungry, record label, has been posing and performing as the original members of the Sugar Hill Gang for over a decade. We even get to experience Wonder Mike and Master Gee’s getting busy on stage and in concert on screen.

Whether you’re a Hip-Hop head or just like a dope documentary I Want My Name Back is a real-life story that anyone can relate to and learn from. Want to watch the full movie? July 10th, a free screening of the film will take place at Mount Morris Park in Harlem, NY at 6pm!

Freestyle by Wonder Mike During the I Want My Name Back Screening


Crew on Documentary


Teaser Trailer