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NY Post Exclusive: Knicks’ Stat Working With Hakeem ‘The Dream’ Again?!

Hakeem The Dream and Stat

“He put in so much work, was excited and so confident,” Olajuwon told The Post by phone from his winter home in Amman, Jordan. “To see he didn’t get a chance to really show it, I felt very bad for him. I felt for him this season because of how hard he worked. He looked so much forward to the season but with injuries he didn’t get a chance to show what he learned last summer.”

“The desire and enthusiasm he brought was so amazing,’’ said Olajuwon, the Hall of Famer whose team beat the Knicks to win the 1994 title. “It was a good experience for me because he was so eager. With him, it was the excitement. He was so excited.”

“Mike [Woodson] wanted to go to Amar’e in the post to make it easier for Carmelo [Anthony] and to complement each other,” Olajuwon said. “Amar’e took it very seriously. I’m very impressed with Mike as coach. He tries to find all possible ways to maximize his talent.”

“Now he’s coming back with all the moves,” Olajuwon said. “Now it comes to down refining it more. Where because he’s had knee problems, his elevation is not as high as when he was younger, so he needs to be more crafty to get his shot off all the time. I’ve worked with him to create space in the paint where he can use his shooting ability and get his shot off.”

“The only thing I want to see is his elevation,” Olajuwon said. “He needs good elevation. That’s why he needs his knees to be strong so he can finish strong. Once you have surgeries, it depends on how hard you work to get back.

“Once he’s comfortable, we can apply a little more innovation. If he’s moving good, it will be smoother and he’ll get good elevation, and he’ll get to another level. All summer he’ll have to strengthen his knees.”

“I don’t think he’s too old, because he’s a hard worker and it’s about conditioning,” Olajuwon said. “Sometimes you can reverse it and the knees get stronger. To be an All-Star, it’s not the goal right now. But for the Knicks to challenge Miami, they need him to be close to his potential, and all he needs is just a good season.”

“One week is excellent,” Olajuwon said of the upcoming sessions. “It’s enough time, a very good time period with enough repetitions. I was amazed how athletic, he is, shooting jumping and running but he knew he had to develop his game to maximize it.” – nypost


fter Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon trained Knicks’ Amare Stoudemire K Stat last summer things were looking better now until… he went through two knee debridement surgeries and only played limited minutes in 29 games! Now, Olajuwon has some advice and may even train the star center/power forward yet again this summer?! Stat is only 30 years old and still has two years remaining on his mega five-year $100 Million contract with the Knicks! Basically, Olajuwon bruk it down that Stat is older, but still has some lift and must condition a lot more to keep himself healthy and prevent further injury! Obviously, he must work his minutes up gradually and not try to push like he did when he came back for a short 10-game stint this season before having to have another (basically) season-ending surgery! Check out the convo above and more below…

Mike Woodson Rockets 1

Plus did you know that Knicks’ coach Mike Woodson was a former teammate of Hakeem “The Dream” and asked him to train Stat last summer! Olajuwon sees potential and despite all the hate and an injury plagued season Stat did display some poppin post-up spin moves! Do you think that Stat will get back to 100 or at least really make an impact this season? Leave a comment below!