Posted June 16, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Giants Lock Up Victor Cruz W/ Short-Term Deal But Still Looking Long-Term!

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Cruz, according to ESPN, intends to “continue talks for a long-term deal before camp starts.’’ The Paterson, N.J., native in just two years has emerged as a fan favorite, as well as a highly-productive, big-play receiver for Manning, and there is desire on both sides to get something significant done to keep Cruz playing for his hometown team. – nypost

Cruz contract biggest off-season story for the Giants


oc Nation Sports ‘put it in the bag’ salsa dancing star Victor Cruz signed a short one-year deal with the NY Giants on Friday, but he is still looking long term! The Giants have until June 26 (training camp) to lock up the star receiver, who was the only bright light this season all in all! Cruz showed up at the training facility on Friday (mini-camp) and confirmed the one-year deal worth $2.879 million! I am sure the Giants will make the right choice and keep the inspirational receiver, who typically gets yards after the catch with charismatic finesse spin moves that freeze up the defense in their feet! The Giants other big receiver Hakeem Nicks showed up for mini-camp as well!