Posted June 14, 2013 by DJ Quiz in Events

Artek at Apt 78 Thursday 6-20-13


For three straight years, Apt 78 has been welcoming some of the world’s greatest DJ’s to their
impressive destination, for its annual, six-week long “Summer Series”. On Thursday, June 20 at 8pm, as an exclusive
“Summer Series Feature”, Andrew Thiele of Artek will present a very special event that will unveil and showcase his first
solo art exhibition in New York, titled “Rewind”. Which illustrates the lyrical content of 90’s Hip Hop, on over a hundred
11×14 poster snipes paintings inspired by the abstract expressionism of the 1950’s.
This evening is set to deliver a boil-down, privileged taste to what this year’s Summer Series will have to offer to a select
guest-list of industry influencers, brand curators and community supporters. With music provided by DJ Soul, spinning
classic hip hop sets, to Amanda Seales hosting and moderating a brief discussion between Jose Morales, Owner of Apt
78 and Artist, Andrew Thiele, about “The Effectiveness of Hip Hop in Building Bridges Between Generations of Music
Lovers”. Event admission is free, and as a token of Andrew’s appreciation to his supporters, he will be giving away raffle
tickets that will be announced throughout the duration of the “Summer Series”, for a chance to be awarded a set of poster
snipes from the exhibit, once the showcase comes to its completion.
Andrew is honored to be apart of the affluent artists that have showcased their art at Apt 78, a venue that has become the
official headquarters of Uptown, and has done an amazing amount of work this past year to cement Washington Heights
as the new center of multicultural, New York.

“Listen on Thursday im doing an event at Apt 78. I did over 100 11×14 canvases based on 90s hip hop propaganda.
I put alot of work into it and need to push this event.” @arteknyc