Posted June 11, 2013 by Kris-E in Movies & TV

‘This is the End’ Behind the Scenes Footage and Trailer! [Video]

Oh no, not another apocalyptic movie!!! Seth Rogen, James Franco, Craig Robinson, and Jonah Hill team up in This is the End.  The comedy begins at a party, where the Bible’s Book of Revelations is unfolds on screen.  All the good folks get beamed up to heaven, while the not so good have to fend for themselves down on earth. This is the End follows the rambunctious bunch as they try not to get swallowed up by the ground crumbling beneath them and the demons running rampant. (Rihanna even makes a cameo and guess where she’s headed?)

This is the End drops in theaters June 12th, 2013!



Behind the Scenes Footage