Posted June 11, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Exclusive TMZ Footage: WTF?! NFL Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones Caught Punching A Women Outside Club! [Video]


ight out the box following the Chad Johnson courtroom buttslap for him 30 days, NFL Bengal Adam “Pacman” Jones got caught punching a women outside a Cincinnati nightclub?! TMZ and ESPN Cincinnati got the exclusive surveillance footage today! According to the story, a women approached Jones outside a Cincinnati nightclub for his signature, and after he said “no” she proceeded to pour her drink on him and he reacted with a swift 1-2 punch! ESPN Cincinnati take is that she went towards his head in an aggressive manner and still had the beer bottle in her hand after she continued to attack him following the situation! Jones is contesting the charge in the name of self defense (Twitter comment above)! The video is kinda blurry, but take a look and let me know your take on it below in the comment section!!!