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Hello Brooklyn: Jason Kidd Interested In Coaching Nets!

Jason Kidd interested in coaching Nets

“I could see him coaching or being a GM. He can run down every guy in the league. He has a terrific eye for talent,” Kidd’s former boss, former Nets president Rod Thorn said last week when Kidd retired after 19 seasons of brilliance.

“The biggest part of success is your roster and if players cooperate with your beliefs,’’ former Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy said. “Kidd had a high basketball IQ, but you never know how it will translate. There’s a great chance it will translate well. It’s all a gamble. But if Jason wants to be a head coach, I’d be surprised if eventually he wasn’t very good.’’

“I have a great job and that’s a great job,’’ said Van Gundy, who is broadcasting the NBA Finals. “If ever there’s a fit for me and my ideals, I’d be interested. If not, I’m good.’’

“When you’ve played in the league as long as Jason has and played for a number of coaches, he’s pretty much seen everything,’’ Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said. “So he does have experience. He certainly has the intuitive skills to know what’s going on out there. He’s got an opportunity to be really, really good at it.’’

General manager Billy King maintained his policy of declining comment on any aspect of the Nets’ coaching hunt.

“I have said before I will not confirm or deny anything,” King said in a text message. – nypost

“He does believe he is ready to be a head coach,” a league source familiar with Kidd’s thinking said while acknowledging the point guard’s request for a meeting to discuss his and the team’s coaching future. – nypost


ello Brooklyn! Recently retired NY Knick and lock HOFer Jason Kidd is interested in coaching for the Brooklyn Nets! He once took the Nets from nothin to somethin, and now may be the next coach! A source close to Kidd confirmed that he is interested in possibly coaching there! Check out conversation above!