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Former Yankee, ‘Amazin Met Dwight Gooden Talks ‘Jail Rape In The Next Cell’ In New Book!

Dwight Gooden book Doc A Memoir

“No. 1, once you get into prison, you’re not Doc Gooden the baseball player,” Gooden told the station. “You’re a number. That’s it. And you’re not living; you’re just in the system. So in there, if a guy wants to take you, he’s going to take you, because it’s going to be 10 guys.

“There’s nothing you can do. So me not actually witnessing the guy getting raped in there, but hearing him screaming and fighting for his life, you knew what was going on behind the door. You don’t know if you’re going to be next.”

“You’re as sick as your secrets,” Gooden said of the book. “I had to come clean with everything, and so basically it was just strictly therapy for myself and hopefully (it will) help someone else.” – nypost

Excerpts from Gooden’s book “Doc: A Memoir”

Former Yankee and ‘Amazin Met Dwight Gooden got on satellite radio SiriusXM (WFAN) this morning promoting his new book “Doc: A Memoir”and spoke personally about a situation where he heard another prisoner getting raped in the next cell! He said it was “the scariest moment of his life” and that he feared that he might be next! The book speaks about Gooden’s personal experiences in dealing with his drug addiction, the law, and baseball! Gooden broke out in 1986 with the Mets and helped make them ‘Amazin with a World Series title, but cocaine also broke out in the 80’s as well! His numbers quickly fell off the charts, although he did re-emerge to win two WS titles with the Yankees in 1996 and 2000. He had many run-ins with the law following his second stint with the Yankees and was incarcerated in 2006 when he showed up to see his PO high on cocaine! Gooden chose time served over probation to try to shake himself of the nasty habit! He finally cleaned up 100 in 2011!

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