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Red Sox Eat Up Yankees In Bronx Fenway Series! [Photo]

Hiroki Kuroda in rain-out

“It’s frustrating. It looked like [the umpires] were playing the percentages because it looked like we were going to get hit pretty hard around 8:15 and we didn’t,’’ Joe Girardi. “Then it looked like we would be OK until 11:30-11:45. It came earlier than we would have liked.’’ – nypost

“Both were bad pitches,’’ Kuroda said. “In a game like this, you give up a homer it’s always bad pitches.’’ – nydailynews

Big Papi makes it rain in NY

“Just put a good swing and make things happen,” David Ortiz said of the homer.

“Yeah,” Boston starter Clay Buchholz said, “it was pretty special.” – nypost

Ortiz pimped it a little – what would Jordany Valdespin think of that? – admiring the homer and then tossing his bat about 15 feet after the smash. Kuroda said he had no problem with anything Ortiz did.

“Not really,” Kuroda said through a translator. “He hit a homer, so…” – nydailynews

Yankees fan brutally attacked at Camden Yards (Baltimore Orioles field), Mets drop all three to Miami after Subway Series Sweep over Yankees


he Boston Red Sox finished off the NY Yankees with a storm (literally), as the game was rained out on Sunday right after Big Papi unloaded a BIG shot off Hiroki Kuroda! Some of the Yankees were actually shook from the intense hail, thunder and lightning from the Sunday night storm [Video]! Read more after the jump…

C.C. Sabathia gets fastball back

The Yankees looked good on Friday coming off a five-game losing streak and dominating the Red Sox, 4-1, for the first game of the series! C.C. Sabathia (pic above) was throwing smoke (got his fastball back up to 94 mph) and only gave up one earned run while striking out 10 batters in 7 1/3 innings pitched; Mo got his 19th save! The Yankees also got back Kevin Youkilis and Mark Teixeira from the injury reserves on Friday! On Saturday, the Red Sox came right back with a 11-1 win, and of course Sunday the Sox held onto the 3-0 rain-out win! The Yankees (31-25) have dropped seven of their eight last games and fell to third place in the AL East; dropping behind the Red Sox (35-23) and now the Baltimore Orioles (32-25) as well!