Posted June 3, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

NBA Playoffs: Prepare For Pacers-Heat BIG Game 7 Tonight! [Photo]

Pacers Heat game seven tonight pic

Preview: Foxsports, NY Post, NY Daily News


his how game 7 is gonna go down… Lil Wayne is gonna break in the building in a disguise lol.. Lebron gonna trade to the Pacers b4 the game “on live tv” lol.. Tyler Hansborough K the Rooster is gonna dunk on the Birdman true.. Chris Bosh is gonna get injured on a Paul George dunk on him true.. and Roy Hibbert gonna kiss Lebron with a facial block and dunk true! I got Pacers by two #upset 97-95! What do you think; leave a comment below! Also, the total revenue for game 7 is probably almost equal to all the money made so far in the NBA Playoffs; especially in the (East and West) conference Finals series! Game 7 kicks off at 8:30PM EST on TNT tonight!