Posted June 2, 2013 by KC Nwosu in VIDEO GAMES

June Game Release Calendar


June is bringing the heat, and also hot weather. But in terms of games there are two big releases that should be paid attention to. Naughty Dog, the studio behind the “Uncharted” series is dropping a totally original IP “The Last of Us” it’s a post apocalyptic 3rd person action adventure but it sets itself apart with beautiful visuals and what looks to be a compelling story of a man transporting a young girl through the dangerous ruins of city-scapes reclaimed by nature. Naughty Dog has a proven track record of high quality titles so this may be a must have franchise in the making. The second game is another brand new IP from Capcom and Dontnod called “Remember Me” This is also a 3rd person action title but is one of the rare instances we get a dark skinned female protagonist. The setting is future Neo Paris and aside from the standard fare of hand to hand combat and parkour you will have the ability to remix the memories of key figures and make them believe certain things have occurred which might not have such as the death of a loved one leading a man to suicide. I personally hope Remember Me finds some success as the industry needs to prove that non-white female characters can be big stars in video games. Also don’t overlook high profile handheld releases this month with :Animal Crossing: New Leaf” on DS and the critically acclaimed indie title “Limbo” coming to PS Vita.


June 4

Marvel Heroes – PC

Remember Me – Xbox 360 PS3 PC

Limbo – PS Vita

June 9

Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 3DS


June 14

The Last of Us – PS3


June 23

Game & Wario – Wii U


June 25

Deadpool – Xbox 360 PS3 PC

Company of Heroes 2 – PC

Muramasa Rebirth – PS Vita