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Roc Nation Sports: NFLPA Investigating Jay-Z Signing Of BK Geno, Jets New QB?!

Jay-Z Roc Nation Sports Geno Smith NFL contesting

The newly instituted “runner rule” prohibits agents from having associates who aren’t NFLPA certified agents in attendance for recruiting meets. Jay-Z is not currently certified and Smith’s advisor John Thornton was quoted by CBS Sports this week saying, “I was in those meetings and Jay-Z connected with [Smith] on many levels.” Thornton, a former NFL defensive tackle, later tweeted that he was misquoted. – nypost


OVA may have gotten himself into some HEAT and HOT WATER for recruiting Jets newest QB ‘BK’ Geno Smith w/o a an official NFLPA license?! NFL.com released a report stating that the NFLPA (NFL Players Association) is investigating Jay-Z and brand new Roc Nation Sports recruitment of BK Geno that happened just last week?! The NFLPA sent a letter of inquiry to RNS agent Kim Miale to find out more information of Jay-Z involvement. BK Geno joined RNS after firing his agent Jeff Nalley last week; made public with an Instagram pic of Jay-Z and Geno watching TV together. Miale is the sign-the-dotted-line technical agent for Jay-Z in this matter. Recently when Giants WR Victor Cruz joined RNS (as its marketing representative) and hired Tom Condon as his agent, Condon received letters of inquiry from the NFLPA to no avail. The NFL is really sticking it Jay-Z (and partner CAA) particularly with the “runner rule!” Jay-Z is almost a certified NFLPA, so this nonsense… Read more up on the “runner rule” above…

Do you think that Jay-Z will get in trouble? I do not. Leave a comment below!

Source: nypost