Posted May 24, 2013 by KC Nwosu in VIDEO GAMES

Xbox One Kinect 2.0: Detailed Look [Video]


When Microsoft originally announced their idea of motion controlled games we got a demonstration called project Natal which was amazing. The technology they promised that day was set to revolutionize video games. Instead we got the Kinect. a stripped down version that works fairly well with Voice commands and is embarrassingly imprecise for motion tracking in everything it attempts except for dancing titles.

The Xbox One will come bundled with the Kinect 2.0 and from what they showed this Kinect might be a lot closer to keeping the promises of the first one. Below are the new promises of the Kinect.

Speech Recognition

1080p Hi-Def Camera

Infra Red camera for improved tracking in low light

Enhanced skeletal tracking and joint rotation tracking

Can detect shifting of weight and force of actions like kicks and punches

Can detect facial expressions like smiling or frowning and whether you’re looking at or away from the screen

Can recognize up to 6 bodies

Can sign profiles in with facial recognition

The Kinect 2 can detect changes in color intensity in the face that the human eye cannot in order to track your heart rate. This camera is supposedly unaffected by melanin, so this will work on darker skinned people.


The abilities of the Kinect 2 sound amazing, and demo impressively, but then again so did the first model. I would love it if these promises are kept cause I still think what the Kinect can potentially add to gaming and just ease of use of your console is very valuable. The only reason I prefer to watch Netflix on my Xbox 360 rather than my PC or PS3 is because I can tell Kinect to go to the next episode, but that’s all I use it for. Let’s hope that Kinect 2 can lie to us a little less.