Posted May 23, 2013 by KC Nwosu in VIDEO GAMES

Xbox One Controller: Detailed Look [Photo]


The new Xbox One game pad has kept a lot of its old style but definitely appears to be distinctly different than the current 360 controller. Microsoft has said that the new controller has 40 design improvements, which were not specifically listed, but a few of them are pretty obvious.

The body of the controller appears to now have more of a sleek continuous curve across its back similarly to the current wired Xbox 360 controllers that don’t have a battery pack. The battery pack has been re-positioned sideways and flows better with the design. It is still a removable pack that takes 2 double A batteries as opposed to an embedded rechargeable battery like Sony’s Dual Shock 3 and 4. No information if Microsoft will have rechargeable battery packs or if 3rd party companies like Nyko will fill this space like what has happened this generation.

The iconic Xbox Guide button has been moved out of the center of the controller and up between the R and L buttons, which should stop people from hitting it and pulling up the guide menu accidentally during really intense button mashing. The R and L buttons appear to be much larger and  in a slightly higher position than they used to be, this could be something to get used to once you start playing. The face button layout is identical to the 360 with the same familiar color scheme, but the Back and Start buttons now display images that look like a picture in picture option and a menu list icon respectively. It has not been confirmed what extra functions these 2 buttons will have but it has been said that in games they could still function exactly the same as Back and Start.

The control sticks appear to be slightly smaller, have smaller dead zones and are said to now have a bit more give in their movement. They visually appear to have a nice looking diagonal grip pattern surrounding the concave area which I find really visually appealing.


One of the biggest complaints for the Xbox 360 controller, was its D pad. The tiny cross sat on a cylinder in its housing and was ridiculously imprecise. The Xbox One D pad does away with that design entirely and introduces a bigger cross sitting inside a slightly concave space which is said to be a marked improvement in feel.

The most interesting and new feature the Xbox One controller offers is the addition of independent rumble feedback in each trigger. You wouldn’t think that adding rumble to the triggers was anything to jump up and down about, and it wasn’t like there was a huge outcry for it, but reports are very positive. The rumble triggers allow for interesting ways to enhance the feel of a game, like feeling the vibration of your gas pedal and break in a racing game. or the recoil of a gun being fired on you trigger finger. I also allows for interesting information to be passed to the player, for example, taking damage in a shooter game could have different sections of the controller rumble to clue you in to where you were hit as opposed to the intrusive red haze that pops on screen in most titles.

The Xbox 360 controller is arguably one of the best controllers ever made, definitely the best for First Person Shooter games. The Xbox One controller seems to be making it better with some slight improvements and some drastic overhauls, but as of right now there was nothing shown that looks like Microsoft doesn’t have another fine game pad on their hands.