Posted May 22, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Cleveland Cavs Win No. 1 Pick At NBA Draft Lottery!

Cavaliers No. pick draft lottery

“Kyrie is a hell of a player … but this also felt almost as good,” Nick Gilbert said. “That was the first time. This is the second time, but man does it feel good to get the first pick this last time. Get that last player to give us a push.” – nba

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he Cleveland Cavaliers, who won the No. 1 pick in Kyrie Irving at the 2011 NBA Draft Lottery, have done it again and won the rights to the No. 1 pick in this year’s NBA Draft Lottery at the brand new Brooklyn Barclays Center on June 27! Cavs’ owner Dan Gilbert and his 16-year old son Nick stepped up to the podium to acknowledge the No. 1 pick (pic above)! The Millenium Hotel in Times Square was where the Lottery picks were selected on Tuesday night, and the Orlando Magic got the two pick while the Washington Wizards vaulted to the three spot (from eight)! Check out the complete order of the top lottery picks!