Posted May 21, 2013 by KC Nwosu in VIDEO GAMES

Batman: Arkham Origins Official Trailer


The third title in the Arkham series of Batman games just released a trailer. This story takes place several years before the events of the first two games, where Batman is a lot more of a myth to the people of Gotham City. The story takes place on Christmas Eve, and the notorious gangster Black Mask has hired 8 assassins to try and take out the Dark Knight. There’s no game play in the trailer above but some of the few details revealed are that the city is significantly bigger than the last game, so big in fact there’s now a fast travel system added. The Bat-Plane will be featured and of course new gadgets to play around with. This game is being developed by Warner Brothers Games Montreal, as opposed to Rocksteady who made the first two, which may be some cause for concern since almost no other developer had succeeded in making a good Batman game before the Arkham series. But with the groundwork already laid out, iterating on a tried and true formula shouldn’t be too big a burden. Rocksteady is rumored to be hard at work on a next gen Batman title so hopefully Arkham Origins can hold Batman fans over until then.