Posted May 20, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Dwight Howard Joining The Rockets?!

Howard Rockets James Harden

“With six weeks to go before Howard becomes an unrestricted free agent, the team that is said to intrigue him the most is the Houston Rockets, according to multiple people briefed on internal conversations surrounding Howard’s free-agent decision,” CBS reported. “The Rockets have a young star, James Harden, who has proved himself worthy of playing the leading role for the franchise; a budding 3-point shooting threat in Chandler Parsons; a defensive-minded coach in Kevin McHale; and Omer Asik, the kind of 7-footer Howard is believed to want next to him in the frontcourt.” – cbssports

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BS Sports reports that Dwight Howard is showing strong interest in joining the Houston Rockets and skipping town on the LA Lakers! He didn’t fair well in LA and more fans prolly want him to leave than stay at this point, so the feelings is mutual! The Rockets tender a young and talented squad, led by high scoring James Harden (pic above),  and made it to the first round of the NBA Playoffs where they fell to OKC!