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Mayweather Tops SI Fortunate 50 Club For Highest Paid Athletes! [Photo]

Mayweather tops SI lists

SI International Top 20, SI The Business Page


loyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. may be in and out of trouble, still dodging Pac-Man, but still throws a big punch and knows how to make BIG MONEY! Money topped the SI Fortunate 50 Club (started in 2004), as the richest athlete in the past year; knocking Tiger Woods out the box! Mayweather earned an astonishing $85 Million last year from fights with Victor Cruz and Miguel Cotto, and could earn anywhere from $90-$128 Million for the recent Guerrero fight and another fight slated for September! Lebron James thwarted himself into the No. 2 spot, passing Kobe Bryant (No. 4) and Tiger Woods (No. 5) on this year’s list! Strangely, even though Tiger Woods is having a break-out season and grossing a big check on the green, he doesn’t have quite the same endorsement leverage of the past, and fell back on the list! Injured Yankee stars Derek Jeter and A-Rod still made the top-20!

Source: SI