Posted May 14, 2013 by Unique in Style and Fashion

Rihanna Undergoes A Complete Hair Transformation [Photo]

Some say that if a girl doesn’t go through some drastic change after a break (i.e. revamping her style or reacting “Waiting to Exhale” when Angela Bassett’s character cut off all her locks) then she never really loved you.

Yesterday it seems as if bad girl RiRi underwent a whole hair transformation as she was spotted rocking a new platinum blonde look. However, Rihanna is known for switching up her hair style to a more drastic look off some randomness, so it’s hard to say if this look is just a way to cure the breakup blues or just Rihanna being Rihanna.

I’m just trying to figure how many girls will soon be rocking this same platinum look on my instagram.


[via Global Grind]