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Lebron, Heat Trample Bulls, Put Bulls On Chopping Block! [Video]

Lebron Fired Up

“He (Lebron) has a great feel for what we need,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “I think he felt we needed a strong start and a good burst. … He reads the game as well as anybody in this league.”

“They’re in a tough situation right now, because of injuries and illnesses and whatever’s going on, but that’s not for us to worry about,” James said. “They beat a very good Brooklyn team without their full roster, so we can’t even let that get into our heads.” – nypost

Wade vs Bulls game 4 2013 Playoffs

“Some days it’s better than others,” Wade said. “In certain games, I might do a move or do something and the shooting pain might come up, but this was the first time you all have seen it … other times I have been able to not show you all.” – nypost


Wade makes fashion statement before the game with #WadePants


ebron James (27 points, seven boards and eight assists) and the Miami Heat trampled the Chicago Bulls, 88-65 last night! The Heat left the Bulls on the brink of elimination now leading the (Eastern Conference semi-final) series decisively (3-1)! Dwyane Wade re-tweaked his right knee, and finished with six points on 3-of-10 shooting! The Bulls were actually held to an appalling franchise-record nine points in the third quarter, and almost a franchise-record low for points scored in a game (65)! In fact, the shelled-out Bulls were straight handled and held to a dismal 19-for-74 shooting (25.7%) and 2-for-17 from three (11.8%)! The Bulls usual game-saver ‘Lil Nate (Robinson) shot 0-for-12 from the field! Lebron was able to make adjustments throughout and steam the Heat way ahead for the entire game! It doesn’t look good for the Bulls! Check out #WadePants lol above and highlights from the game on video below!

[youtube width=”575″ height=”380″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftDx8gnSphA[/youtube]