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Ladies Wear SNEAKERS TOO!!

Ladies Sneakers


Ladies wearing sneakers vs. heels is a common debate amongst fashionistas who love shoes just as much as they love comfort. When’s the right time to toss on a pair of sneakers, and when is it appropriate to go for a lower heel instead of a stiletto? It’s time to take a look at what’s most comfortable and appropriate for every occasion.

Here are my top 3 sneaker choices:

3. Jordans

You can go from playing sports, to being comfortable, or just plain swagged out. Jays come in all size and colors, goes perfectly for those summer relax days. Only problem is catching them before they all sale out!

sneaker 1 sneaker 2 sneaker 3 sneaker 4


2. Sneaker wedges

It’s only right for sneaker wedges to make the list. There cute, comfortable and still gives you the extra height.

sneaker w 1 sneaker w 2 sneaker w 3

1. Chucks  

You can NEVER go wrong with a pair of chucks. Chuck Tylers come in every color and fits with almost any outfit. Whether you are dressing down or doing it up.

s 1 s 2 s 3 s 4

Men loves a girl who can be versatile. There is never one key rule for looking beautiful. Only thing you truly need is confidence!

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