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Inspired ART: L.A.InkWell by Katrice Marie [Photo]


Inspire and BE Inspired. Meet Katrice, creator of L.A.InkWell. I ran across her art on Instagram and I immediately admired her work and fell in love! So I tracked her down and convinced her to share her story. Check out some of the pieces I admired and our interview below.


Chelle B: So, what’s your story?

Katrice Marie: Hmm…my story. My name is Katrice Marie W-D. I am a 21 year old self-taught visual artist residing in Jersey. I go by the name L.A.InkWell and I love ink.

Well, I’ve always known I could draw (not to be cocky) but I stopped drawing around the tenth grade because I was learning how to make a ceramic pot instead of how to use watercolor. Weak stuff, so fast forward two years and I found myself bored at some training site in Missouri so I drew to pass the time.

It took me like two weeks to finish that octopus, I ended up naming him InkWell. I signed that first piece of art March 27th 2012 as Love Always InkWell. I was in love with a man I had met while training and I would always say love always after we parted. After I left training I signed every piece of art as L.A.InkWell in hopes that he would get the hint. That I still loved him, that I wasn’t afraid to show the world.

Thus is why everything says LAINKWELL. After that I fell in love with art again, and it accepted me. I just went wild with it, drawing everything for one whole year…and I would like to believe compared to where I was a year ago I’ve grown as an artist and a woman (everyone on IG thinks I’m a man, even Theophilus London called me bro!).


Chelle B: Who’s your role model, and why?

KM: I have too many to count. The first person that actual spoke to me though was Paper Frank from City of Ink in ATL. If you don’t know who he is, you haven’t been living. He asked me if I had a portfolio and I choked because I had just started drawing again but it opened my eyes.

As visual artist now, you have to do more than just art. I can’t remember how many solo show’s dude has had but he’s doing a phenomenal job in the art world and I just wanted to inspire people to draw again as much as he was inspiring me to draw again.

Chelle B:Tell me about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your life?

KM: I just completed my first museum piece for the United States Air Force Art Museum. I’m the youngest member of the program and I’m elated that God blessed me with such a tremendous opportunity.


Chelle B: Ok, on to some fun stuff. I love, love, love, music and shoes! So if your life was a song, what would it be?

KM: Okay…I’ll pick three, asking me to pick one..is hard!

1. Girl with the tattoo – Miguel
2. Something Good Can Work – Two Door Cinema
3. Empty – Lianne La Havas

I think these three give a glimpse of my personality!

Chelle B: And also what’s your favorite pair of shoes?

KM: Toms.

Actually, I don’t like shoes. I own 6 pair (if that). I keep throwing them out. As the weather gets warmer, I like to wear flip flops and if I could I wouldn’t wear any shoes.


Chelle B: Who/what motivates you?

KM: God and my siblings (Amonnie and Rodney). God wakes me up and gives me the passion to draw. Me and him chat on a frequent about new ways to do things and He’s quiet the artist, He’s taught me a lot!

As for my siblings, they support me tremendously. A lot of people support my work when it benefits them but my brother and sister critique and love me when I’m doing bad compared to when I’m at my peak. I think it also plays that I’m the oldest, so I feel like if I were to give up on my dream that it would some how impact their dreams.

So I get up everyday and I practice. I stay up every night and I practice. I practice to thank God for waking me up and continuing to bless my hands and for my siblings for lifting me up when I can’t stand.


Chelle B: What’s your main career goal?

KM: I want to own a studio. Where a high school kid is tired of making ceramic pots walks in and can go ham on a canvas. I was never offered that opportunity and I believe it is because the generations before me have figured it out; and for some odd reason do not want to help out the generations coming up.

Like success is some secret?? No. My main career goal is that anybody, young, old, inexperienced, over-qualified can come in my studio and grow from each other.

I will have my studio. That’s a fact.

See more of Katrice’s work on her website; www.lainkwell.com.