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Soccer Fan Stabbed To Death After BIG Match In Istanbul?!

Soccer fan stabbed to death after match

The youth of Fenerbahce Supports Club’ sent a condolence to Burak Yildirim who was killed in knife attack after the game between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce. He told: “Burak Yildirim, brother on the way back after the match Fenerbahce-Galtasaray, was stabbed to death by Galatasaray fans near Metrobus stop. We are sad to learn this news. May god have mercy on our brother, family and fans. We also offer condolences to Burak Yildirim and his family in behalf of whole supports’ club.” – international football news

After a BIG soccer match dubbed “The Derby” between bitter rivals in Istanbul, Turkey on Sunday night, a 20-year old Fenerbahce fan, Burak Yildirim (pic above), was stabbed to death by fans of the opposing team, Galatasaray! Galatasaray lost 2-1 to Fenerbahce (in both team’s last match of the season), and two (Galatasaray) fans decided to take their aggressions out on an innocent Fenebahce fan, who was innocently walking home from the match late Sunday night! They even stabbed him in the heart! Fenerbahce Supporters Club’ released a statement following the attack, and a manhunt continues… Thatsenuff.com send condolences out to friends and family of the victim! Read more…

Fans overseas take soccer very seriously! Do you think that the two assailants should be charged with manslaughter or pre-meditated murder charges? Leave your comment below!