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New Artist Spolight: Ngozi-Y’ileese ‘Not Right Now’ [Audio]

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Jamestown: Proper introductions are needed, Who is Ngozi- Y’ileese? Describe your artistry and your background. Musically, what do you offer that is new?

Ngozi-Y’ileese: Ngozi-Y’ileese is singer/songwriter deeply enriched in quality music bringing only true form and creativity. With vocal influences by Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn, Ngozi sings with passion, emotion and range. Being a lover of massive attack and bjork, she will repeatedly bring nothing but mood. Trip-Hop, the genre she claims closest to her heart, is exactly what she claims to be: The perfect blend of hard and soft. Because of her rich and interesting music education. I studied African dance and drumming until the age of seven and learned the viola at age eight, I am always want to combine and explore different sounds that may not traditionally blend together.

Jamestown: In moving from the West Coast to NYC, what has been some of the biggest adjustments you have had to make as an artist? Has moving here changed your style, content, or how you market yourself?

Ngozi-Y’ileese: Moving from Cali to NYC is a life changer!! The biggest adjustment is just surviving! In that, put my social skills to use at 1000%. The one thing I will always do is stay true to myself and my art. I didn’t have producers or a studio when I got here. I had to start all over. And being Black, and singing trip hop, in America, is not easy! Most people ask what? when I say I sing trip hop. As far as marketing, its a digital world now. I am on Soundcloud, Reverbnation. I just put a new video on YouTube, and have two others there with my group ELSE. Keeping up with the times is most important no matter what city you live in! Competition is tough! Very important to make and create your own opportunities if you really want to make it!

Jamestown: Tell us about your single and a little more about your group ELSE?

Ngozi-Y’ileese: “Nothing to Give” is my from mixed tape “A Trip to Now”, which all can hear on soundcloud, and its inspired by and recorded over Massive Attack’s Karmacoma. I took the first line by Tricky, “You sure you want to be with me, I have nothing to give”, and I wrote a song around that emotion, of course personalizing it.

Single “Not Right Now”:

Ngozi-Y’ileese: ELSE is a electronica project that started four years ago. I met a musician/producer named Alien Seduction, Giuliano Lombardo on MySpace and was immediately in love with his music. After doing a music exchange we decided to make music together. His musician/producer friend Robert James Hanrahan heard the music and joined the group. We put an EP called “Backwards” on iTunes two years ago, and have videos for the title track, and the other single “Dating Agony”. Giuliano and Robert both live in Rome, Italy. We make music via email- I told you it was a digital world!

ELSE “Dating Agony”:

Jamestown: Last question, what will make 2013 a successful year for you? What are some of your goals both short term and long term with your artistry?

Ngozi-Y’ileese: Monetary success changes everything and that is what I am aiming for. I need a catalyst to see in me what everyone around me sees and the strangers who come up to after every show expressing how good I am. I make music and create things because I am addicted to my art. The ultimate is to make a living do what you love to do, and people love seeing me do what I do. I am releasing an EP this summer, with track produced by myself! So exciting! ELSE has a new EP coming out as well, featuring Abiodun Oyewole of The Last Poets. For you rock lovers, I’ve some things cooking that you are gunna wanna feast on!! Streams of Smoke and La Shanti! Stay tuned!