Posted May 13, 2013 by Unique in ThatsEnuff

Dame Dash Might Be Broke And Facing Eviction


According to NY Daily News Dame Dash is broke and on the verge of being kicked out of his rented mansion. According to the former Roc-A-Fella Records CEO he pays his ex-wife, Rachel Roy, $24,000 every three months for money owed on the loafs and in child support for their two kids. The State of New York also allegedly forces Dash to pay another $4,341.10 per month for his son Christian. In 2012 Dame Dash also paid about $20,000 in garnished wages and is currently facing a pending $40,000 tax payment for business earnings. Ouch!

Dash was also recently in a Manhattan Supreme Court to fight a charge of ignoring a 2008 lawsuit from a $237,078 loan. The flood of payments from the looks of it have made it hard for the entrepreneur to maintain a business and keep up with personal expenses but Dame seems to be keeping a cool head about it.

“I’m an independent businessman and this is what comes from business…I have the guts to fight my battles on my own and it’s entertainment to everybody else because I’m so cool about it.”

Damn, I thought my college loans were bad! Can’t say for sure if Dame is or isn’t in Financial trouble seeing as how he refuses to discuss his finances. Whatever the case may be best of luck to you Dame Dash.