Posted May 12, 2013 by DJ Fatfingaz in Travel and Tourism

BREAKING NEWS!! Emirates to introduce shisha lounges aka HOOKAH onboard A380 fleet


DUBAI: Emirates has announced that it plans to trial new shisha lounges aboard its A380 fleet. In a statement released this morning, the Dubai-based airline revealed that the lounges would be available to business and first class passengers on several of its long-haul routes flown using Airbus’ superjumbo, starting from next month.

“Alongside unique offerings such as our Signature Spa and Onboard Lounges, with our new Signature Shisha Rooms premium customers will be now be able to relax amid luxurious surroundings with a traditional waterpipe,” the airline said in a press release.

“This new service will provide our Middle Eastern passengers with the sort of home comforts they’ve come to expect on our award-winning airline, while presenting those flying to the Middle East for the first time with the opportunity to sample one of the true tastes of Arabia before they’ve even landed.”

According to the statement, passengers will be able to pre-order a shisha from the onboard menu while at their seat and retire to the lounge after the main meal.

Emirates added that, should the trials run smoothly, it hopes to have the shisha service operational across its entire fleet of A380s by the year end.

Source : panarabiaenquirer.com

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, if you never flown Emirates in your life, YOU’RE MISSING OUT!!!

I flew Emirates from NYC to Dubai to Bangkok and it was amazing! Economy felt like business class and everything was on point! EVERYTHING!

NOW THIS!?….lets see what other airlines pull off!!!