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Jets Super Bowl III Star George Sauer Passes Away At 69!

George Sauer passes away

”We will always remember George Sauer for his role in the New York Jets’ run that culminated with a historic victory in Super Bowl III as well as the strength of his convictions off the field,” Jets owner Woody Johnson said in a statement. ”Our thoughts and prayers are with his family as we say goodbye to someone whose unforgettable contributions will always be a part of this organization’s history.” – foxsports

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Y Jets iconic wide receiver George Sauer Jr. who helped the Jets beat the heavily favored Baltimore Colts 16-7 in Super Bowl III, passed away at 69 years old (due to congestive heart failure) in Westerville, OH on Tuesday. On that amazing day transcending the AFL into the NFL, Sauer caught eight passes for 138 yards including a key 39-yard catch from ‘Broadway’ Joe Namath that put the Jets at the 10-yard line late in the third quarter to give them a 16-0 edge! Sauer was break-out receiver with Texas, studying pre-med at the time. He left college a year early and broke into the NFL under his father, George Sauer Sr., who was a college coach and NFL executive. He played for the Jets from 1965-1970, a four-time All-Star an two-time All-Pro, while the AFL was transitioning into the NFL. Sauer often played in the shadow of teammate HOF wide receiver Don Maynard. Sauer retired from the Jets ninth in franchise history with 309 receptions, and sixth (in franchise history) with 4,965 yards receiving in 84 games played. Sauer left the game in his peak (1970) due to the fact that he was unhappy with the way the game treated players. He returned to the WFL (World Football League) for a short stint in 1974 with the New York Stars and Charlotte Hornets! Sauer later was an assistant coach for the AFL Carolina Chargers in 1979. Sauer also reported wrote novels and poetry for years after his exit from the NFL. R.I.P. condolences go out to family and friends of Sauer from the thatsenuff.com crew.