Posted May 9, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Kobe: ‘Mom Wasn’t Given Permission To Sell My Stuff!’ [Photo]

Kobe and Mom Auction feud


hile Kobe Bryant is still healing from a severely torn ACL in his knee, he is amidst a begrudging battle with his mom (no less), as she is attempting to auction off his high school memento’s and stuff from his early professional career at Berlin, N.J.-based Goldin Auctions! His mother, Pamela Bryant, arranged earlier this year to auction it off through the company and received a $450K advance. Last week, Kobe lawyers wrote to the auction house demanding it cease the sale; Goldin is suing for its right to sell. On Wednesday in the U.S. District Court in Camden (NJ) Kobe filed “saying that his mother acknowledged to him recently that she did not have permission to sell the items!”

Source: Yahoo!Sports