Posted May 8, 2013 by KC Nwosu in VIDEO GAMES

Snoop Dogg’s “Way of the Dogg” Game


A really strange game appeared on Xbox Live this week seemingly out of nowhere. “Way of the Dogg” is described as a rhythm based fighting game, and is endorsed and features the Dogfather himself Snoop Dog. I’ve watched the game being played and the premise is that you tap the buttons that appear on screen in the way they instruct you to along with the music, while characters fight each other in the background. There are a couple of things that I dislike about the premise. The game is actually pretty stylized with a colorful 3D comic book look, but those visuals are covered up by the button prompts which are your main focus during game play, not the preset fight going on, which you have no actual control of.

The music featured is probably the highlight of this game featuring actual Snoop Dogg classics like “Gz and Hustlas”, “Who am I” and more, but the story that follows a street fighter named “America Jones” looks ridiculous, in a bad way.

Snoop Dogg does full voice over work, after all he’s not new to the world of video games  appearing as the main antagonist in Def Jam Fight for New York, and was also a secret playable character in True Crime: Streets of LA. But I’m willing to bet this title will not be one of his best. If anything don’t get it on Xbox live or when it comes to Playstation Network for $10, it’s supposed to be coming out later for mobile devices and may or may not be cheaper there.